Monday, August 3, 2009

Pre-Game Gitters

I leave in less than two weeks and it has yet to sink in that I am moving away for a year. That will hit me soon enough though so I'm trying to enjoy my rapidly dwindling days of blissful ignorance while I can. Nothing is really packed yet (insert image of my mother's chewed off nails... not really) mostly because of the fact that I'll be buying 80% of it all there. If all I have to pack are clothes and some books I don't want to leave myself with nothing in the closet too soon. I have to pace myself. Plus, it leaves more room for my denial to hang out and make itself comfortable.

I am really excited though to hang out with Stina(!!) who graciously offered to stay with me the first few days after I move in to help me get comfortable with the town and meet some of her friends there. Then she's off to Cannes and the glamorous occupation of au pair (I am seriously jealous!) with a wonderful work agreement and nice family. Did I mention she'll be in Cannes? I think I'll take a well-timed visit down there during the film festival next May...

So lots to do, lots to see, lots to stress about... but that's all to come and right now I'm enjoying a relaxing day of denial and sunshine.

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