Sunday, May 24, 2009

It never seems like much until the moment is upon you.

I can see that I am not much of a blogger... Hmm I must try to make an effort in future.

School is nearing the end- I am released for a summer hiatus as of 4 June and obviously am greatly looking forward to it. I have managed to avoid doing most of my actual homework and have relied almost exclusively on my cramming abilities. They have happily been serving me well.

I am also in the middle of filming a short currently titled "Waiting Room" with some students at the Art Institute of Seattle and I'm really pleased with it so far. It is not an assignment and therefore is benefiting from the easy access to good resources and the students' desire to do some legitimate work without any studio pressure. All in all, a great vibe. It was a very busy two days which didn't even include any dialogue shots. That's all next weekend. So yesterday I and the audio guys engineered a makeshift foley room and recorded some steps. It felt like building a fort when you're 10. So fun. Audio guys are always the most chill and effortlessly cool part of any crew. There were several excellent dolly shots and complicated set-ups which the entire crew wanted perfect- understandably- so the schedule was scrapped in exchange for a better final product. Cheers all around!

I will be doing a one day shoot out on Harstene Island on the 6th on a project I have yet to learn the name of. My part is "Cute Girl" and it's in a local feature but haven't heard much about it yet.

Today I am ignoring the need for a shower and have gloriously wasted much of said daylight hours doing much-needed catch up with emails and general internet fodder. I'm not online for 3 hours and I suddenly have 20 emails. What is the world coming to?

Recently I have been getting little flashes of inspiration for stories and have tried to write them down with enough detail to serve me when I actually have a moment to expand on them. Creativity is something I have been trying not to squash with incessant internet surfing and Hulu-watching but it is more easily said than done.

I think I have decided to take intensive French this summer as well as a website design class. I really want to get a website and don't want it to look terribly amateur. And I really want a Flip Mino camcorder. Wow. So flashy and nice.

Alas, the shower is calling.