Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Take One

I've now got 38 days until I wish everyone adieu and hop across the pond to chat it up with some east enders and hairy parisians. Then it's off to Scandahoovia to catch up with los relativos and do some serious shopping. Mi mejor amigo is not all that involved in the planning process because I happened to make the mistake right from the get-go of assuring him I had it all under control and he really didn't have to do much... Wrong. In any case, I assumed he would shoulder some of the responsibility anyway and show off as a real respectable man, which of course did not happen. Typical. But in any case, I'll be stuck with him for 25ish days and will have to deal.

I have been listening to old radio shows from Xfm, more specifically The Ricky Gervais Show and seriously want to wring Karl's neck. He sits around moaning and griping and he is truely an idiot. Of course, it doesn't help that I agree with everything Ricky Gervais says (the man just makes sense), so I tend to be influenced when he shouts at Karl and christens him as such. Well done, Ricky. Spot on. Speaking of Ricky Gervais, he'd probably enjoy this:

I have also recently received my copy of The Host via and cannot begin reading it because I know from past experiences that all normal activity will cease and I will become blob-like on my bed, curled up for two days as I immerse myself. Not the best plan of action as tbe quarter draws to an end. I will have to stand strong and hold off until after finals. This will truely be a test of endurance.