Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I wish I had a bike....

Ran lots more errands today. Bought a much-needed watering can and some clothes in preparation for the colder weather I KNOW is coming. That's my new favorite excuse: I will need this at some point in the future and therefore should buy it immediately. That was my excuse for the iron and the candle and the chocolate and the magazine and...

I caught the bus out the Ikea this afternoon. Late afternoon. I had less than 2 hours to get what I needed and to get out. I came prepared with my Ikea bags and a backpack but I'd already done some shopping earlier so I was already at 50% capacity. This could get tricky. I managed to play it safe and only buy what I really needed. I also decided against buying the wooden boxes for my shelves and instead chose some nice light wicker baskets. A wise choice.

I only filled one bag and stayed well within my budget so I was pleased with myself when I left the store at closing time. I was on the way back to the bus stop when I saw the bus pull away as I was coming up. I checked the schedule and saw that it was the LAST BUS that day. O.o Ikea is a ways out of town. A long ways. Thank god I'd bought the wicker and not the wood. So I shouldered my load and prepared myself for the slog back to downtown when it was already after 8pm.

After I'd walked for about 5 minutes I passed another bus stop and since there was someone sitting there I decided what the hell, go read the schedule again. Sure enough it said the last bus left at 7:50. I asked the guy if he was waiting for the bus and then told him there were none. He was shocked and double checked. Turns out, I'd been reading the schedule for Sunday, not weekdays. THANK GOD.

So I plopped my stuff down and prepared to wait, except the guy continued to want to talk to me. I tried to get the message across with body language that I was not interested and wasn't particularly inclined to talk about my life to a stranger thankyouverymuch. Needless to say, I had to curtly decline to give him my number, Facebook, go to dinner, or do something over the weekend. Wow dude. Get the message.

Anyway, I made it back and now am seriously exhausted. I have so much to do tomorrow: register for classes, buy books, open a bank account, then go out later. And I'm up at nearly 3am because my neighbors keep having sex loudly and repeatedly for the last hour and a half. I am torn between severe irritation and extreme amusement. What I really want is sleep though.

God natt!


rikki-san said...

My sister just gave me a really cute cruising bike that I don't need and I thought, "hey, I could give that to Britta", except you're in Sweden! so nevermind, if you need a bike and you're back in the states give me a call! (Eileen -- I post as Rikki-San)

Britta said...

haha well thank you anyway! i appreciate the thought :)